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5 Ways to Find Copper to Sell for Cash

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You can sell copper for money, and the more copper you have, the more you can earn. But how do you find copper to sell for cash? There are all kinds of options. Keep these tips in mind. 

1. Look for copper in your own home

Start by looking through your own home for copper. There is copper in many old appliances and electronics. If you're redoing your plumbing, you may end up removing old copper pipes. Before throwing out or recycling these items, remove the copper, and then, sell it for cash. 

2. Get into dumpster diving

In most cases, your personal copper supply will run short pretty quickly. Or it will only offer you copper once in a great while. To gather more copper to sell, you may want to start dumpster diving. 

This is the art of finding treasures in other people's rubbish. Make sure that you get permission before dumpster diving. If the skip bin is on private property, you can't go through it unless the owner allows you to.

3. Offer to haul people's scrap metal away

When many people have old appliances or electronics, they don't want to deal with them. They don't want to strip out copper or other valuable metals. They just want to get rid of these items. 

Put out the word that you're willing to haul away scrap metal. Most people will let you have the metal for free. They might even pay you to haul it away.

However, when scrap metal prices are very high, some haulers offer to pay people for their scrap metal. In this type of environment, you may need to offer a small payment so that people will allow you to take their old appliances or other scrap metal. 

4. Start a junk removal company

Rather than just hauling away scrap metal, you may want to start a junk removal company. With a junk removal company, you charge home and business owners to haul away their trash. Then, you take the majority of it to the dump, but if you see anything valuable, you can sell it. 

5. Help with demolition sites

There is often a lot of copper when you tear down a home or building. To get access to this copper, you might want to offer to work for a demolition company. Or ask a demolition company if you can go in and remove the copper before they demolish the structure. 

Reach out to a cash for copper company for more information.