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3 Cool Furniture Items You Can Build At Home Using Cheap Pallets

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If you like undertaking home improvement DIY activities and you also like the idea of recycling materials, how about using cheap pallets to make cool furniture? Once pallets have been used for cargo freight for some time, they are often sold at cheap prices. You can take advantage of this to save money, recycle, and build cold stuff. So what exactly can you make from used pallets? Read on to find out.

1.    A Bed

Beds are quite simple to make and you can make one using pallets with ease. The idea is to make a flat bed without any side collars or corner posts. So essentially what you have is a contemporary flat-bed design less than a foot high from the ground. To build this, simply join several pallets together to achieve the desired bed dimensions, e.g. 6x6 or 5x6. Cut off any excess wood to get the length and width you want. To make the bed more stable, nail the pallets together to form one rigid structure. The easiest way to do this is by laying strong beams under the structure lengthwise and then nailing the pallets to these beams. If you want to raise the bed, add another set of pallets on top and repeat the process. 

2.    Pool Loungers

Another easy creation that you can make using pallets is pool loungers. If you don't own a pool, you can still make loungers and use them to relax or sun-bask. To build these, you'll need 2-3 pallets per unit. One pallet will form the headboard and the other one or two will form the main base. The build process is simple. Get two long beams of wood measuring six or seven feet long. Cut a third of the length off and create an angled joint to create the slanted shape of a lounger. Place your pallets on the beams and nail them in. Cut off any excess timber. Add cushions or a mat for comfort. 

3.    Benches

You can also build simple benches that you can use to relax or have meals on when outdoors. To get started, nail together a rectangular timber frame that will form the base of the bench. The dimensions of this frame can be roughly 6x1x1 (LxWxH). Mount your pallets atop this frame and nail them in place to create a seating surface. Cut off any excess timber to achieve the desired dimensions. You can also make the bench more comfy by nailing timber pieces to the spaces between pallet planks to create a more even seating surface. Sand the bench and apply a sealer to finish

Sounds like fun? Try it out and enjoy being able to recycle a readily-available resource into something useful around the house.